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Elemntal Witch Box

Elemntal Witch Box

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This witch box has all four elemental symbols presented. Earth, Air, Fire, and water surround the symbol for Unity or Oneness. This symbol is also widely recognized as the Star of David. While this symbol has been linked to some unsavory history, the prior knowledge of the symbol is one that dates back far longer than World War II. This symbol has been used through time as a symbol of oneness, unity, and heroism. 

In other beliefs, the hexagram has been seen to unify opposites (male and female, as above, so below, the spiritualand the physical), and to connect the four elements. It references that changes in one world reflect changes in another. 

All of our witch boxes are prefilled with a variety of basic herbs and small altar tools to assist in your spiritual journey. If custom herbs are needed, please send us a message after purchase. 

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